Ten Questions from a Brand-New Tech Manager

Photo by Adetola Afolabi on Unsplash


1. How will I negotiate salary hikes with my team?

2. Am I expected to actually follow all the software dependencies across departments during these meetings?

3. I wonder how I can make my stories more entertaining so my talents will have more fun.

4. I feel like my onboarding is the calm before the storm, and I am going to have to do a lot more work soon

5. Should I wear my headphones less in the office.

6. How will my lead will determine if I’m doing a good job?

  • feedback from the manager’s team
  • feedback from other leads that the lead works with
  • the lead’s manager’s impressions

7. How long will it be before I program again?

8 What’s the best way to structure my interview pipeline?

9) Whom should I eat lunch with?

10 How am I supposed to deal with employee motivation?




data scientist, expat, climate change worrier, and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

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Zane Blanton

Zane Blanton

data scientist, expat, climate change worrier, and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

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