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CRAN on Artifactory

Let’s say you want to upload your R packages somewhere so that others can download them. An easy way to do this is by using Artifactory to host a local CRAN repository. In the following guide I’ll show you how you can do this yourself with a minimum amount of fuss (mainly through visual interfaces), although of course everything is scriptable when you want to start automating more of this.

Step 0: Install RStudio

This is the standard R IDE, so you probably already have it installed. If you don’t, download it here: https://rstudio.com/

Step 1: Create a CRAN Repository in Artifactory

Navigate to the Artifactory UI in your web browser and…

I’ve become a crazy crypto guy during the COVID-19 lockdown. With nothing to do or buy and plentiful stimulus checks, one year later my crypto investment is up x4 (a couple of days ago it was x6). Being a generous person, I wanted to spread the Good Word about crypto to my friends so that they could share in the gains (and perhaps pump my coins even more). Unfortunately most of them are wedded to buying index funds and decry crypto as speculative trash. I find this somewhat offensive because the stock market is to some degree also speculative trash.

Everyone Forgot Stonks Go Down Too

Dow Jones Industrial Average over time (but millenials only remember the 1980s onward)

when the world is so negative…

“Happy Programmers” by Jesper Rønn-Jensen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

I want to write here about tech worker idealism. And not just this general switch to more progressive positions among white-collar workers that we’ve noticed recently in the US. I’m talking about the Richard Stallman/Satoshi Nakomoto/Hacker Ethic anarchic spirit where everyone works together in a decentralized way (halfway building for themselves and halfway for others) to build the Star Trek future of post-scarcity. The funny thing is, nobody else outside of computer technologists really believes in this. In fact, a majority of people in the US are starting to believe that Big Tech is a negative for society, stifling competition…

How well do they work?

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Let’s say that I wanted to invest some money into crypto (Hey, this sounds like a technology that could change the world!), but I don’t want to spend a lot of time researching projects. Or perhaps it’s too difficult for me to tell the difference between a good project and a bad one. So what if I just bought a little bit of every coin and tried to make money by spreading out my risk? To figure out just how good (or bad) this idea is, I pulled some data and ran some calculations. …

So you’ve bought some Bitcoin and Ethereum, and you’re happy seeing your coins double in value this year. But both of these projects are pretty established, and you want to get a little closer to the cutting edge where you can see some 1000x gains. Well then maybe you want to get into something called DeFi (decentralized finance), one of the hottest areas in cryptocurrency at the moment! Here’s a chart showing just how popular it’s gotten, courtesy of https://defipulse.com/.

let’s go to the moon!

We keep seeing new projects in this space, and it seems like the bull market for cryptocurrencies combined with a…

American Social Democrats courtesy of www.socialists.ny

If you’re a progressive in the U.S., you probably care about

  1. Underfunded education and ballooning student loan debt.
  2. Poor public transit and generally unbikable and unwalkable cities
  3. Mass Incarceration and the Prison/Industrial Complex
  4. Out of control healthcare costs and lack of affordable insurance
  5. Federal government denies climate change
  6. Mass shootings
  7. Military/Industrial Complex
  8. Income Inequality
  9. Mass deportation and incarceration of citizens by ICE

In Germany, the problems are a bit milder

Zane Blanton

data scientist, expat, climate change worrier, and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

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